Snovitra STRONG 40 mg Vardenafil pills


Snovitra 40mg Vardenafil Tablet

What is Snovitra 40 mg Tablet?

Snovitra is a medication for treating erectile dysfunction in men. SNOVITRA STRONG contains 40mg active ingredient Vardenafil and is a very popular medicine in UK.
Snovitra 40 mg vardenafil tablets are perfect for strong and hard sex. The new Snovitra tablet is popular in men in Italy who likes having hard sex.
Snovitra is a generic product of Levitra and gives as strong erection as Levitra, even though the price is much lower as a generic product. Lower price does not mean lower quality.
Snovitra dissolves quickly and thus the reaction time is much shorter in compare of other ED medicines.

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Take 1 Snovitra tablet with a glass full of water. Do not take Snovitra more than once a day neither more than 1 Snovitra tablet/day.

Possible side Effects of Snovitra

Headache, upset stomach, flushing, stuffy/runny nose, dizziness, red eyes, increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision, warm feeling, Lightheadedness

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