Tadalis SX 20 mg Tadalafil tablets


Tadalis SX Tablets 20 mg Tadalafil UK

Tadalis is a generic Cialis Table that is used to Treat men’s erectile dysfunction. Tadalis SX tablet contains 20 mg Tadalafil as active ingredient.
Because of long effective time of Tadalis SX, it allows freedom of waiting for the perfect time for desire of natural sex. Unlike Sildenafil products, Tadalis SX remains effective 36-48 hours. Because of its long duration of effective time, this medicine is also called weekender.

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How Tadalis SX tablet effects for erection?

Millions of men around the world suffer from impotence which is called erectile dysfunction.  Man suffering from erectile dysfunction can no longer maintain proper erection and penis is not hard enough for practicing normal sexual intercourse. The reason of impotence is that the penis no longer receives sufficient blood supply. 

Tadalis SX 20mg tablets supports increasing the blood supply to the penis and thereby causing successful erection when man is sexually stimulated. 


How to take tadalis SX 20mg?

Take a 20mg Tadalis SX tablet with a large glass of water. It takes 45-60 minutes of time before the reaction of Tadalis starts. Taking multiple Tadalis tablet in a day is not recommended.
Alcohol, fat, heavy meals and orange juice are not recommended to be taken while expecting reaction of erection. 

What are the side effects of Tadalis SX?

Most common side effects of Tadalis EX are:
– headache
– stuffy nose
– dry eyes
– flushing
– dizzyness

Less common side effects of Tadalis SX:

– sensitive to light
– dry mouth
– heartburn
– blueness in vision
– blurred vision
– upset stomach

Tadalis SX should not be used together with nitrates and recreational drugs like “pressure” drugs those contain  butyl nitrite or amyl, alpha-blocking medications, other impotence medications, high blood pressure medicines, etc. In case of any above mentioned circumstances, consult your doctor or physician.

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